Mai Chau Attractions

Located in Hoa Binh Province, which is about 135 kilometers from Hanoi, Mai Chau is a peaceful and tranquil village blessed with awe-inspiring and superb magnificent green valleys and lush tropical forests. Explore the rustic Mai Chau and immerse yourself in endless shade of green with uninterrupted green rice fields and scattering villages of ethnic minorities.

For those who are looking for ultimate experience, head to Mai Chau and delve in countless stunning caves and grottoes encompassing Mo Luong Cave, Khau Phuc Cave, Pieng Kem Grotte and Lang Cave. What’s more, do not miss the chance to capture a spectacular panoramic view of the whole landscape and admire the majestic beauty of green valleys by climbing to the Peak of Cun Mountain.

Mai Chau also made its name for traditional villages of hill tribes. Stop at such amazing villages as Lac Village – a secluded village located among mountainous passes being the home to ethnic Thai people, Pom Coong Village which is easy to reach from Lac Village and Van Village where you can capture picturesque landscape of soaring mountains, coupled with rustic beauty of stilt houses owned by ethnic groups. If you are keen on exploring the life of Mai Chau’s ethnic people, you are advised to choose to stay one night in stilt houses of local people and gain a deep insight into their unique culture’s and tradition’s quintessence. Traditional stilt houses are living representation of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities. Mainly made of bamboo and roofed with palm leaves, these stilt houses are more than just refuge places where ethnic people cook, weave and live, they become traditional and cultural symbol of the locals that cannot be mixed with others.

In addition to awesome impressive spots and unique villages, Mai Chau also has a reputation for vibrant local markets such as Muong and Pa Co Markets. Here, you can find traditional colorful handicraft products and essential products for everyday life such as fresh vegetables, fruits and meat. Do not forget to buy something as souvenirs for families and friends.

At the contemporary time, Mai Chau Velley is still one of the greatest points of interest alluring travelers in every corner of the world. Plan a trip to this wonderful land and experience as many exciting things as possible.

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