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Pho Hien is a historical site in Hung Yen Province, about 70 kilometers southeast of Hanoi. In the 15th to 18th centuries it was a famous merchant port in Vietnam and it was a small historic town on the banks of the Red River.

Especially, the prosperous time of Pho Hien was associated with the golden time of the trading relationship between Vietnam, China and Japan. Like the ancient town of Hoi An, Pho Hien is a favorite destination of Japanese tourists.

Through history, Pho Hien still keeps over 100 worthwhile historical and cultural relics, 18 of them recognized as national cultural items.

Pho Hien area covers five square kilometers running from Dang Chau Hamlet in Lam Son Ward to Ne Chau Hamlet in Hong Chau Ward.

Now, Hung Yen is a totally different city but much of its heritage has been preserved with many famous pagodas, temples and trade centers of Chinese people.